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MARCOTHERM PRIMER - Sealer/Primer with Quartz Sand Grains by San Marco

MARCOTHERM PRIMER - Sealer/Primer with Quartz Sand Grains by San Marco-San Marco-The Decora Company

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Marcotherm plaster primer
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MARCOTHERM PRIMER - Sealer/Primer with Quartz Sand Grains by San Marco

Brand: San Marco

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Marcotherm Primer - Sealer/Primer with Quartz Sand Grains by San Marco 

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Professional Primer by San Marco. Quality paint and paint tools proudly made in Italy.

MARCOTHERM PRIMER is a high penetration water soluble sealant which is suitable for the impregnation and consolidation of interior and exterior mineral surfaces. MARCOTHERM PRIMER has sand grains in it which provide a texture to help anchor subsequent coats of plaster. This makes MARCOTHERM PRIMER the idea primer for lime based finishes such as Marmorino. Due to its formulation of polymers and very fine particles, in the presence of non-homogeneous surfaces, pointing or patches, MARCOTHERM PRIMER evens out the absorption of the support and creates the ideal anchorage for subsequent coats of the finish. When applied the product goes on clear and dries white. If there is any residual humidity in the wall the product will not dry white in those locations thus highlighting potential problematic areas in the substrate When appropriately coloured with a colorimeter, MARCOTHERM PRIMER allows excellent coverings to be achieved in painting cycles with intense and bright shades.


For color options please see the link to the Brochure under the Documents heading.  On order page please type in the color code you would like and we will tint for you.


Volume/ Weight

  • 15L (3.96 gallons)
  • 19030g (41.95 lb)
  • 5L (1.3 gallons)


  • 80-100 square feet per liter



Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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