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Five Tips to Install Venetian Plaster to Get the Best Looking Polish-The Decora Company

Five Tips to Install Venetian Plaster to Get the Best Looking Polish

Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster was originally used centuries ago where it was developed outside of Venice Italy.  Venetian Plaster has withstood the test of time due to its long lifecycle and its beautify luster and variation in tonality of the finish.  In its traditional form the composition of the venetian plaster is simply lime, marble dust and water. It is applied as a wet plaster and when dries reverts to its original limestone properties.

Venetian Plaster is not complicated to install, however requires practice and patience.  Here are five tips:

1)  Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

  • Always prime your wall before starting
  • Always be sure your wall is smooth, and without imperfections

2)  Take your time with the first coat and get your surface flat

3)  Allow appropriate time to fully dry between coats.  Depending on your mix of plaster, if you proceed to the next step without a dry surface it could cause peeling as you apply the next layer.

4)  Use a good quality STAINLESS Steel trowel.  A mild steel trowel can cause discoloration of the surface.

5)  Apply a very thin layer of plaster on your final coat for polishing. The thinner the better.

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