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FREE Shipping for all Orders over $395

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Why You Should Be Part of the San Marco Opportunity

Are you looking for a unique product offering for your business or showroom to set you apart from the competition and provide your customers with unique and bespoke solutions?  If you answered "yes" then a San Marco dealership may be right for you.

The Decora Company is seeking dealers and distributors to meet the growing demand for our branded Italian paints and plasters. We are seeking motivated entrepreneurs and existing business owners to join our growing network.

While the painting market in the US is a large market, the market of specialty decorative paints remains largely untapped.  With homeowners and businesses spending more and more money on aesthetic elements of decoration the decorative paint business continues to expand rapidly. 

San Marco dealerships and distribution opportunities are available nationwide for showrooms, paint stores and construction material suppliers.  Please contact us for more information at

 San Marco Showroom

San Marco Showroom Shot