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Galaxy Macau Fook Lam Moon Restaurant - San Marco Marcopolo Luxury (Red) and Faux Marble Special Finish

Decora Macau's project team fitted out the Fook Lam Moon Restaurant in Galaxy Macau using San Marco Marcopolo Luxury (Red) and Faux Marble Special Finish. 

With a name like Fook Lam Moon, literally translating to "fortunes and blessings come to your home", there is no better colour to choose than China's own lucky colour: red. 

Painting the walls and pillars with San Marco's Marcopolo Luxury in the colour red, the special paint achieved in giving the space a new feel. Paired perfectly with the surrounding wall stone and the red rug, the restaurant has a new warm ambience. Perfect for dining on Chinese cuisine.

Works Included:

  • Supply and install Marcopolo Luxury (Red) Special Finish
  • Supply and install Faux Marble Special Finish to match surrounding existing wall stone. 


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