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Learn Venetian Plaster, Marmorino and Other Decorative Plasters such as Concrete Art

Decora Decorative Painting and Plastering Classes

Free decorative painting and plastering classes offered at our facility in Madison WI through February 2019
Join us in Madison for a one day or two day training course where we review and teach a variety of San Marco products including; Venetian Plaster, Concrete Art, Marmorino, Textured Metallic Paints and more.
Training can be arranged one-on-one or in group sizes of your choosing.  Training is carried out at our showroom and warehouse in Madison Wisconsin.  
Plaster Training
A wide variety of products of your choosing can be used with various techniques.  Classes are geared towards beginner to intermediate skilled decorators.  Refer to our portfolio of materials to see what is available.
To make an appointment email us at or call 608-620-5066


  • How’s it going, I’m a follower via Instagram, I would love to learn more about classes on this art form

    Nicholas Sok
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the interest in the class. We can set up a class pretty much any time that fits your schedule.
    Just give us a call or send an email.

    Team Decora

    Matt Drake
  • Hey Guys,
    Ryan here from Art Infusion. What are the times and dates of the classes? Would love to try and make it up there while I’m in Indiana.


    ryan h farag
  • Please bring a class to North Texas

    Laura Taylor
  • Any dates in particular work best for you in January?

    Michael Craine

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