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Venetian Plaster - The Old World Lime Plaster Look Reinterpreted for Today's Modern Style

Venetian plaster? What is this new trend stirring up noise within the luxury home and retail space?

Think about the last time you spent time in a hotel room. What did the space look like? Was it refreshing? Clean? Well styled? Modern? Elegant? Contemporary? Or did it completely through you for a loop and everything you visually glanced at you immediately questioned? Well if you are picturing your most recent hotel room carefully crafted with the characteristics of clean, modern, elegant and well styled you might have found yourself in a room decorated with Venetian Plaster.

Picture this:

Venetian Plaster Wall

Let’s fill you in! Venetian plaster has been gaining traction outside the United States for some time and originally began in Italy. While Venetian plaster is home to Italy, as of recent the integration of this aesthetically pleasing “look” has been making its way into states like California, Florida, Texas and others.

Next time you find yourself in one of these destinations, take a second to gain a deeper first impression of yours surroundings because you might find yourself in a space or room filled with Venetian Plaster.

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