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CONTINUO Micro-Cement Coating by San Marco ~Continuo Decor - 50 FT2

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Professional Decorative Microcement by San Marco.

CONTINUO ~Decor is a two-component epoxy cement system.  The decorative layer is a spreadable paste that can be used for coating horizontal and vertical surfaces. It can be tinted to a wide variety of colors.  Continuo allows for different decorative effects to be achieved, from the flat-and-uniform monolithic to two-tone and textured.



  • It’s easier to use than most other systems on the market
  • You can create a finish with little or no texture or movement, but also one with more character
  • Our microcement is harder than many other similar coatings on the market

Continuo should be used as a system with proprietary primers and a two-component top coat.  The Sample Kit includes all essential parts of the complete Microcement Floor, Wall and counter top Kit; including primer, base coat, decorative plaster and top clear coat. Apply on a porous surface.

Continuo Style Guide

The Decor Kit Includes:

 Product Name 50 FT2 Kit
Atomo - Primer 1000ml

100 ft2

Leveling Base -Not included(If needed- Call ) 8.33 kg 53 ft2
Mini Roller Kit -Tray w/ roller  2- roller sponges 
Deco A - Decorative Layer 5 kg  45-60 ft2 
Deco B - Hardener 1.66 kg
Link A - Clear Coat 100ml 125-150 ft2 
Link B -  Hardener 50ml
Top Coat A - Matte/Satin 833 ml  80-90 ft2 
Top Coat B - Hardener 250 ml


* Looking for more Coverage. Check out our Continuo Living -Set

** Need more of a specific product call 608-620-5066

***Note:  If applying on non-porous surface such as tile or stone Primer needs to change to Pro-Link or other appropriate primer for these surfaces


*Email and request a manual for specifications 

These are basic guidelines of the process for more detailed info refer to manual 

for coverage mixing and dry times 

  1. Sand substrate with 80 Grit to create a key
  2. Dilute primer 1:1 and apply one coat, allow to dry
  3. Optional - if surface needs to be leveled or tile grout lines filled, apply layer of Leveling Base to desired smoothness.
  4. Install mesh into wet Base and allow to dry( only if leveling base is used)
  5. Cover over mesh with Levelling Base and allow to dry
  6. Apply one coat of diluted primer.  Allow to dry
  7. Split Deco A and Deco B into two even parts, half each.
  8. Add one part Deco B Hardener to one part Deco A and stir.( power mixing is recommended)
  9. Apply Deco with stainless steel trowel to cover over Base and smoothen surface.  Allow to dry.
  10. Apply 2nd layer of Deco A & B with stainless steel trowel to desired pattern.  Allow to dry.
  11. Optional - sand with 300 grit sandpaper if desired (Clean)
  12. Add Link B to Link A and stir.  Dilute with water
  13. Apply Link to surface with brush or roller and allow to dry
  14. Add Top Coat B to Top Coat A and stir.  
  15. Apply Top Coat by brush, roller   Recommend two coats

Volume/ Weight

  • As above


  • 45-60 ft2 


  • Series: 114/115
  • Includes: 1x San Marco Atomo, Base Levelant, Continuo Deco, Continuo Link and Continuo Top set



Technical Data Sheet

Style Guide

Instruction Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Volodymyr Chobaniuk
Super product

Very easy to work with this material

Daniel Rosow
Awesome product

Excellent finish and easy to use for a sample application on my own shower and bathroom sink. I started with a metal lath thin set substrata from the previous tile that ate way more product than new cement board. Because of the rougher surface I ended up covering 85 sq ft double coated using the larger kit. Another lesson learned using black tinted finish product was that I should have tinted the base as well for a slightly fuller finish. Overall it was a great education and a very satisfying finish. I will be ordering more to finish my floor and I look forward to recommending these products to customers

Mark Guth
Fantastic product!

The product is a bit harder to work than plaster, but with a little more effort, it went on in 2 tones beautifully! Very satisfied with the results, and the guys at the Decora Company couldn’t be more helpful!