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Pennelli Tigre Professional Synthetic Decorating Grass Pad

Pennelli Tigre Professional Synthetic Decorating Grass Pad-Pennelli Tigre-The Decora Company

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Barry Kierce

Great response on initial product info request. Dan was very knowledgeable and attentive. Just placed a 2nd order this week. Looking forward to getting product in.

Pennelli Tigre Professional Synthetic Decorating Grass Pad

Brand: Pennelli Tigre

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Pennelli Tigre Professional Synthetic Decorating Grass Pad

A professional high quality tool for creating a unique effect by Pennelli Tigre.

With a history of over 50 years, a company expertise and know-how that has been evolving for three generations and a highly motivated workforce who focus on the quality and improvement of every product, Pennelli Tigre is a leading company in the paint tool market.

Pennelli Tigre produces and sells a wide range of equipment for painting and decorating and the fine arts: paint brushes of different types, sizes and shapes, with natural and synthetic bristle, as well as rollers, mini rollers, specialist tools and accessories for painting.

Includes: 1x Synthetic decorating grass pad

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