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The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Achieving-Spa-Worthy-Showers-with-Seamless-Continuo-Micro-Cement-Tile-Overlays The Decora Company

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Spa-Worthy Showers with Seamless Continuo Micro-Cement Tile Overlays

Transform Your Shower with the Sleek Look of Continuo Micro-Cement Coating by San Marco

If you're looking to give your shower a modern, spa-like makeover without a full renovation, consider using Continuo micro-cement from San Marco. Continuo is an innovative ultra-thin, cement-based overlay that can be applied over nearly any surface, including existing tile. With Continuo micro-cement, you can achieve a seamless, waterproof surface with an upscale polished concrete look at a fraction of the cost of replacing tile or stone.



CONTINUO ~Decor is a two-component epoxy cement system. The decorative layer is a spreadable paste that can be used for coating horizontal and vertical surfaces. It can be tinted to a wide variety of colors.  Continuo allows for different decorative effects to be achieved, from the flat-and-uniform monolithic to two-tone and textured.

Continuo should be used as a system with proprietary primers and a two-component top coat. The Kit includes all essential parts of the complete Microcement Floor, Wall and countertop Kit; including primer, base coat, decorative plaster and top clear coat. 

Renovate Your Shower with Continuo Micro-cement from The Decora Company

Is your shower looking dated with old, worn out tiles? Then you should try resurfacing it with Continuo micro-cement by San Marco from The Decora Company instead of an expensive full renovation. San Marco's specialized microcement products allow you to achieve a seamless, modern surface by applying it directly over your existing tiles as an ultra-thin overlay.

Microcement is well known as the best decorative coating to renovate old tiles because it is a material with great adherence and, above all, because it allows to reform and cover the tiles quickly and without construction, making it super stress-free!

CONTINUO Micro-Cement Coating by San Marco ~Continuo Decor - 50 FT2 - The Decora Company

The Primary Benefits of Applying Continuo Micro-Cement Over Shower Tiles


  1. No Demolition Required - A major advantage of using Continuo microcement is that it can be installed directly over your current tile without having to demolish and remove it first. This eliminates the mess, cost and hassle of major construction.
  2. Stunning Looks, Endless Options - Continuo micro-cement provides a luxurious, polished concrete look that instantly elevates your shower's aesthetic. It can be tinted in any color and finished with a variety of textures from sleek and smooth to more rustic effects. You can achieve spa-like ambiance while customizing it to your taste.
  3. Waterproof and Low-Maintenance - In addition to its design versatility, Continuo micro-cements are formulated to be fully waterproof when properly sealed, standing up to the shower's moisture and humidity. The seamless surface is also incredibly easy to keep clean with just simple weekly wipe-downs.  

The Continuo Micro-Cement Installation Process for Shower Tiles

  1. Surface Preparation - Existing shower tiles must be thoroughly cleaned and any loose or damaged tiles repaired before microcement can be applied. This ensures proper adhesion.
  1. Joint Filling - The grout lines between tiles are filled and leveled out with Continuo's base microcement layer to create a smooth, continuous surface.
  1. Priming - A specialized primer like pro-link is rolled onto the tiles to help the microcement layers bond securely.  
  1. Micro-cement Application - After priming, multiple ultra-thin layers of tinted Continuo Microbase are troweled over the tiles, allowing drying time between coats. This builds up the continuous microcement surface.
  1. Finishing Layers - A final coordinate layer of Continuo's Microdeck (floors) or Microfino (walls) microcement is applied for a particular look and texture.
  1. Sealing - The last step is sealing the microcement shower overlay with a Continuo polyurethane sealer to lock in waterproofing and protection.

For expert installation, always hire an experienced Continuo microcement trained applicator who follows strict standards. With proper application, your Continuo micro-cement shower overlay should last for years while upgrading your bathroom with distinctive modern style.

If you're considering a shower remodel, explore microcement products from The Decora Company as a cost-effective yet luxurious solution over your existing tiles. The seamless results and customizable design options allow you to achieve a true spa-like retreat.

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