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8-Stunning-Faux-Concrete-Wall-Finishes-for-Modern-Interiors The Decora Company

8 Stunning Faux Concrete Wall Finishes for Modern Interiors

Concrete has gone from industrial underdog to a contemporary superstar. Its raw, no-frills aesthetic has captured the hearts of designers and homeowners, inspiring a new wave of modern, urban-chic spaces. But what if you don't want the hassle (and expense) of pouring actual concrete? That's where faux concrete wall finishes come into play, and Concrete Art Decorative Plaster by San Marco is leading the charge.

CONCRETE ART is an internal or external acrylic siloxane decorative coating that enables the decorator to obtain surfaces with strong characteristics typical of "fair-face" concrete. Various application methods enable the applicator to obtain effects ranging from uniform minimalist to highly antiqued or worn.

The acrylic binder, associated with the siloxane component, ensures CONCRETE ART has a high surface hardness, good breathability, and resistance to rain water.

This innovative Italian product allows you to achieve a range of breathtaking concrete-inspired looks without the weight, mess, or commitment of the real concrete. From sleek and polished to heavily antiqued and textured, Concrete Art offers a wide range of possibilities. Here are eight stunning faux concrete wall finish ideas to inspire your next redesign.

1. Washout Finish

The "washout" finish replicates the look of smooth, poured concrete that has been gently eroded over time. The result is a soft, uniform surface that becomes the perfect backdrop for modern art, sleek furniture, and pops of color.



2. Formwork Finish

If you love the look of raw, industrial concrete, the "formwork" finish is for you. This technique mimics the imprints and patterns left behind by wooden molds used in concrete construction. The finished wall looks like it's been freshly poured, with all the character and texture of the real thing.


3. Smoothed Finish

For a more refined take on concrete, consider the "smoothed" finish. This hand-troweled look offers a subtle, velvety texture that adds warmth and depth to any space. It's the perfect complement to mid-century modern or Scandinavian design aesthetics.



4. Levigato Medio Finish

Want to take texture to the next level? The "Levigato Medio" finish uses Veneziagraf as a base, creating a heavily textured surface that's visually captivating. It's a bold choice for an accent wall or feature area, adding instant interest and drama.



5. Dilavato Finish

If you're drawn to the patina of old, weathered concrete, the "Dilavato" finish is your match made in heaven. This heavily antiqued look is achieved through skilled artistry, resulting in a surface that appears to have stood the test of time. It's perfect for creating a sense of history and character in modern spaces.


6. Metallic Accents

Add some glamor to your walls with metallic accents. CONCRETE ART can be tinted with shimmering metallic pigments, creating a luxurious finish that catches the light in all the right ways. It's a stunning choice for a feature wall in a living room or bedroom.

7. Ombre Fade

Using CONCRETE ART, you can create a seamless ombre effect, fading from dark to light or one shade to another. It's a modern take on an age-old technique, adding depth and visual interest to any room.

8. Geometric Patterns

For a truly unique look, consider using CONCRETE ART to create geometric patterns or designs on your walls. With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve everything from simple shapes to intricate, modern murals. It's a way to turn your walls into works of art.

From the minimalist "washout" to the heavily textured "Dilavato," each of these faux concrete wall finishes offers a unique twist on the modern concrete trend. And with Concrete Art Faux Concrete by San Marco, you can achieve these looks without compromising on quality or authenticity.

So, whether you're a die-hard minimalist or a lover of all things industrial chic, there's a faux concrete wall finish to suit your taste. Embrace the beauty of raw, honest materials, and let CONCRETE ART be your canvas for creating stunning, modern spaces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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