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FREE Shipping for all Orders over $395


  • reading nook with a decorative wall | The Decora Company
    agosto 10, 2022

    Why You Should Have a Brand New Reading Nook

    Everyone can be influenced to read and encouraged to spend more time reading in a cozy designated nook. Research shows that reading literally changes your mind.  There are actually a lot of benefits you can get from reading and having...

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  • How To Achieve Crystal Effect on Your Decorative Wall The Decora Company
    mayo 31, 2022

    How To Achieve Crystal Effect on Your Decorative Wall

    Achieving that crystal effect is just a swipe away using San Marco paints from The Decora Company. If you’re still undecided on what colors and coats you’ll need for your wall, you may visit our website [embed website] and it’ll give options and guide on what other paints or tools you might need to achieve the shade and the right crystal effect to you prefer. 
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  • Parade of Homes - So Boring...-The Decora Company
    junio 10, 2018

    Parade of Homes - Tan aburrido...

    La popularidad de nuestros productos más conocidos, Concrete Art, Lime Plaster Marmorino y Venetian Plaster, parece estar limitada a unas pocas ciudades de los Estados Unidos. La tendencia de diseño moderno o industrial simplemente no está en todas partes, todavía. 

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