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Understanding Venetian Plaster The Decora Company

Understanding Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a traditional wall finishing technique that has been used for centuries to create elegant and luxurious interiors. It is made from a mixture of lime, marble dust, and pigment, which is applied to walls in thin layers using a trowel. The result is a smooth, polished surface that has a unique depth and luminosity.


One of the main benefits of venetian plaster is its versatility. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, and drywall, and can be used to create a range of effects, from smooth and modern to textured and rustic. It is also durable and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces.


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One of the keys to achieving a successful venetian plaster finish is to start with a smooth and even surface. Any imperfections or irregularities will be amplified once the plaster is applied, so it's important to take the time to prepare the wall properly. This may involve sanding, filling in holes or cracks, and priming the surface. Once the surface is ready and primer applied, the venetian plaster is applied in thin layers using a stainless steel trowel. The plaster is mixed to create a workable consistency, and then applied to the wall in long, sweeping strokes. The goal is to create a thin, even layer that covers the entire surface. Each layer is allowed to dry completely before the next one is applied.


As the layers are applied, the plaster can be manipulated to create different effects. For example, it can be scraped or dragged to create a textured finish, or it can be smoothed out for a more polished look. The number of layers and the techniques used will depend on the desired final result.


Once the final layer has been applied and allowed to dry, the venetian plaster can be polished to a high shine using a fine abrasive pad. This gives the surface a smooth, lustrous finish that is both beautiful and durable.


In conclusion, venetian plaster is a timeless and elegant wall finishing technique that can add beauty and value to any space. With proper preparation and application, it is a long-lasting and low-maintenance choice that is sure to impress.


If you are looking to start working on decorating your walls using Venetian plaster, you may start by using Fenice High Gloss Lime Venetian Polished Plaster by San Marco.

FENICE is a Professional lime based Venetian Plaster decoration product made from lime, marble dust and water that achieves a smooth polished plaster finish with a subtle visual texture. This is a product found throughout Italy in palazzos and luxury homes. It is now used as a modern finish in high end restaurants, shops and luxury homes.


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