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Home Renovation Project - Polished Plaster Wall The Decora Company

Home Renovation Project - Polished Plaster Wall

Decorative plaster that has been polished produces a polished, marble-like surface after application and also looks like it is made of marble dust. It is typically applied to interior walls and ceilings, and the finished product has a genuinely magnificent appearance akin to polished marble or limestone. A wide range of colors can be produced by adding colored pigment and achieving consistent tones through various treatments.

In order to enhance the interiors of your property, Stucco Veneziano offers creative and excellent polished plaster solutions. Polished plaster, also known as venetian plaster, Italian plaster, lime plaster, and marmorino, is a type of decorative finish that can have a variety of ornamental effects, from high gloss to textured effects.

When utilizing polished plaster, there are various ways to obtain a natural look with natural hues and textures. Plaster that has been polished adds texture and direction while producing a multi-tonal look. Polished plaster can be utilized to make a statement in your home or to control traffic, like in a corridor.


Marcopolo Decorative Plaster by San Marco | The Decora Company


Metallic polished plaster can produce a striking impression and let the character of a house practically show through. If you've created a minimalist space on purpose, think about if it's time to add some life. 

Due to its smooth texture, polished plaster is another excellent option in this context. This decorative plaster effect can be improved with skillfully placed lighting since the light will accentuate the plaster's reflective qualities, helping to highlight the smooth transition between the color values.

After the necessary preparation, polished plaster can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including plasterboard and wooden panels in addition to walls. This makes it adaptable in terms of both color and finish.

When polished plaster dries, the plaster coating hardens into a solid like rock, making it extremely durable.

Polished plaster can be an investment since it cures to a durable surface and is less likely to crack and shrink, even in humid conditions. In fact, due to its complete breathable design, if it becomes wet, it will immediately allow any absorbed water to evaporate. For the same reason, polished plaster walls can control humidity and stop mold or fungus from growing within the wall.

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