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Why You Should Have a Brand New Reading Nook

Everyone can be influenced to read and encouraged to spend more time reading in a cozy designated nook. Research shows that reading literally changes your mind. 

There are actually a lot of benefits you can get from reading and having a cozy nook can really boosts your mood and can bolster you up to read more. With that being said, the research discovered that yoga, humor, and 30 minutes of reading all reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and psychological distress equally well.

The main goal of setting up a reading area in your home is to make reading more comfortable for you. Although you can read books everywhere in your house, there's nothing like the feeling of having a dedicated, cozy room only for reading. It will be simpler for you to ignore interruptions and concentrate more on what you're reading.


You won't want to read books in other parts of your home again once you've built a cozy reading area with the greatest reading chair that suits your preferences. You'll quickly become acclimated to the tranquility the reading area offers. 


This reading nook won’t be complete without having a great decorative wall to put more accent on your space and having a decorative wall delivers a focal point for your space. Even if you're trying to highlight a cute little reading nook without any really eye-catching characteristics, a decorative wall can help you to turn on your reading mindset.


The best place for you to gather all the tools and shades you need to achieve this cozy reading nook is at The Decora Company. One fo our best is the RILIEVO - Fiber Reinforced Plaster Base Coat for Deep Texture by San Marco


RILIEVO is an internal acrylic fiber reinforced decorative texture coating that enables the decorator to obtain deep textured surfaces without worry of cracking or debonding due to the integral fiber reinforcement.  The application methods enable you to obtain effects ranging from the uniform minimalist, to strong deep textures such as stone, or brick effects.


Check out all the shades and tools you’ll need by visiting our website at


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